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released November 1, 2016



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Robot Company Birmingham, UK

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Track Name: something dry, like chardonnay
i’m waiting for you to come down. soon there'll be no-one like you around. i'll take a drive inside my head before you come down. just take this as a positive. i'll take it for what it is. i'm waiting for the sun to fall. i'm waiting for you to come down. soon there'll be no-one like you around. i'm saving the day so what could i say before you come down.
Track Name: very expensive
when i look on mars it always makes me slip into some sonic set of mind. yr atomic gaze is pushing through my sneakers to the speakers and the lights. with yr cosmic rays from yr saturnine eyes. we're sat around outside. i'll call and check yr satisfied. we're sat around outside out staring at some satellites. a kaleidoscope careening through the universe and ending by my side. by orion's light, i swear i'd cross the ocean just to be near you tonight.
Track Name: whatever happened to the jazzmo of tomorrow?
will i know where you go? straight over the grass? when i looked up you were swirling around. you were trapped deep in the woods and i couldn't get you caught. you survived out there like you said you would. i couldn't get you caught.
Track Name: spira
hate to see you the way you are, floating down the hospital hall. i saw pictures of how you were; you looked like a movie star. your voice was the greatest part: a sounding board for all you are. hate to see you the way you are, the softest star that i see out. i thought i could write you to give you breath. you knew better than i do now. your voice was the greatest part.
Track Name: owls
i'm through the pines, i'm at the stop. if you call on me you'll regret it. the douglas firs you've talked about. this town would be perfect, if only.. it is happening again, just like you said. mysterious shots fired from the door and when i woke up i saw the ghost. it was there at the edge of my bed. the coffee here is like the night. fuck yr white lodge, God damn it i won't sleep tonight.
Track Name: camera 3
i let you take center stage and you sing. but the audience is wrong and yr directing it all wrong. do you feel like yr innocent? because there's nothing in yr head that tells me yr real she said. (i know you said it i wish you didn't). do you just believe what the papers say? it's bringing me down, she said. and it's people like you, you cry. but it always ends with you. i can't get a word in around you.
Track Name: the moon is lying
feeling yourself fall down. bracing yourself for sundown. it's affecting yr health to still crawl around like that. get out from the grass, follow the flowers' trail out. sing! warble your song loud! in cedars and pines and dark roads, the moon's reflection lies in the cold. it's finding the time to find home in someone like that.
Track Name: death / barcelona
luna only could decide how our lives could collide. the reason i feel purified is black and gold in yr eyes. used to wake up dreaming of.. luna only could decide how our lives could collide. you saved me from near suicide with black and gold in yr eyes.
Track Name: he's a hideous delight
live yr life with headphones on. it's how the world sounds. in yr bubble they can't hurt you, so why're you still scared? never sure if yr wrong or right, or if yr views hold up... but yr always wrong, they're always right. no point to argue. you hide from yr friends. it doesn't matter, keep yr secrets. dedicate time to being alone, love yr company. come and meet them. meet the parents. i know they'll like you. call you best friend, call you brother... you don't get to be more. you sit on my lap, yr crazy eyes and yr jetplane ears. yr so bad. but when yr good, you keep me so calm. we lie together, we breathe together. yr voice it soothes my bones. we have our differences, but we get through it. i want you to... i want you to stay.